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Semi detached
1 room
2 rooms
3 rooms
Bathroom (en suite)
Something else?
Yes, there is plenty of head height right across most of the space
I can stand upright in the middle and for a step or two either side but then I have to stoop
No. I can’t stand anywhere in the loft
There seems to be a lot of space
Not a huge amount but I can imagine there’s enough space for a small room
Space is very tight
I think it has a standard timber frame
I’m not really sure
I think it’s a trussed roof. It looks like there might be some steel up there
Yes, there’s lots of space on the landing
There are places that could potentially work but we’ll need an expert to do some calculations
At the moment I can’t imagine where any stairs might be situated
Yes, I think so
It’s hard to tell
No I don’t think so
Not sure